Other metals and minerals

We are a leading supplier in the global alumina and aluminum market – and also market iron ore to customers around the world.

Uses of ferroalloys


We process and sell products from a range of third-party aluminum and alumina producers.

These products include bauxite, which is the world’s main aluminum ore; alumina (an oxide derived from the processed ore); primary aluminum; and aluminum alloys.

Iron ore

We physically market iron ore from Zimbabwe to customers worldwide – with Asia and Europe making up most of our customer base.

Uses Aluminum

As a lightweight but strong metal, aluminum is widely used in cars, planes, and trains, and in recyclable food packagings such as cans and foil.

In construction, it is used in window and doorframes, roofs, facades, and curtain walls – for example, in buildings such as skyscrapers.


One of the world’s most widely used metals, iron is primarily used to make steel – often in conjunction with ferroalloys.

Structural steel and steel reinforcing bar – known as rebar – are often used in buildings and bridges.

Stainless steel, meanwhile, has countless uses, from construction and vehicles to cutlery, cookware and domestic appliances.

ENEXD has access to supply thermal coal and cooking coal with the best product quality and competitive prices.


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