We are one of the leading producers and marketers of copper commodities. Our copper business is a prime business focus consisting of investments in the mining sector, supply chain management services, and trading. We have built our business on long-term relationships with producers and customers, where we manage product flows and provide risk assessment and management services.

We mine and process copper commodities in the key mining regions of East Africa specifically from Zambia. We source and supply all kinds of copper commodities from around the world.

Uses of copper

Copper has a vast range of household and industrial uses. Its superior electrical conductivity makes it ideal for electronics, such as wiring and computer connections; and its ability to heat up and cool down quickly makes it ideal for heat exchange applications such as air conditioners.

The metal is easily recycled and also used in renewable energy technologies such as solar cells and electric vehicles. So, it has a vital role to play in a sustainable future. Copper’s antimicrobial properties also help infection control in hospitals and care environments.

Copper assets

Our copper assets range from mines to smelters, refineries, and recycling plants, and joint ventures with exclusive rights with leading Zambian integrated copper producers.