Drilling Services

CIS and MENA regions with contracts held for drilling over 200 oil wells

ENEXD together with its affiliated companies had multiple drilling projects simultaneously providing different services around the globe. Locations where ENEXD is most experienced are CIS and MENA regions with contracts held for drilling over 200 oil wells.

Trough continuous development, ENEXD group is able to drill wells of various types and categories and offer directional and horizontal well services to the clients; has proven cement slurry systems and cementing technologies to deal with various complicated downhole conditions; is able to offer technical services in relation to underbalanced drilling, die-mark-free casing and tubing running, air tightness testing.

ENEXD group always pursues technological innovations to improve the quality and increase the speed of drilling and completion and has created a systematic portfolio of drilling and completion technologies, enabling the company to drill and complete wells within 7000m depth and offer associated technical services. The company successfully  implement top technologies in the areas of shale gas well, tight oil/gas wells, salt-gypsum layer drilling and completion, coalbed methane drilling, high-pressure bittern well drilling, geothermal well drilling, etc. and specialized technologies in horizontal well drilling, slim hole drilling, underbalanced drilling, cluster well, multi-lateral well, oil-based drilling fluid, etc.

Energy Exploration and Development Co. Ltd. (ENEXD)

Salt-gypsum layer drilling technology

Controlled pressure drilling technology

PDC + screw combined drilling technology

Underbalanced drilling technology