Strategic Posture

Our Governance

In  congruence  with  the regional development plans, ENEXD is committed to contribute to the industry’s  upstream sector through its  acquired  strategic knowledge and expertise within the spheres of exploration, development, and production.  

Through strict ethical and legal  codes of  conducts, this organization strives to evolve into a regional  leading enterprise in the onshore and offshore drilling operations and its related services.

In doing so, ENEXD, aims to develop a competitive portfolio  through  strategic alliances  to  deliver,  in forms of  value creation,  to  its stakeholders.  In  realization of  this  vision,  we  had formulated  the strategies to;

Corporate Governance

ENEXD, continuously monitored by the Board, has adopted strict standards on its work-force and workflow, at all organizational and hierarchical levels, to simply deliver. Implicit in this philosophy is the significance of a sound corporate governance which endorses the organizational ‘Core Values’ and ‘Outlook on Success’, which in turn, serves the cause for a responsible corporate culture and sound decision-making. These Core Values and Out-look on Success are clustered around for categories;

Core Values:





Continuous Study

Outlook on Success:
Corporate Structure

ENEXD has adopted a vibrant matrix organizational structure through which projects of onshore and offshore nature are continuously supported in an integrated manner by Operational, Technical, Financial, legal, Commercial and Administrative teams managed by the Executive Team and monitored by the President and the Board, with in-depth knowledge and expertise accumulated over the span of three decades.