Energy Exploration and Development Company Ltd, abbreviated as ENEXD We are the upstream
sector of oil and gas
Providing a comprehensive range of products and services span across Engineering, Procurement, Drilling operations, and associated Services for Onshore and Offshore undertakings Read More
Wide range of metal products
With extensive ground knowledge and relationship with suppliers, Yards and Offices in various part of the world Contact Us
Renewable Energy - ENEXD Group Expanded the business & included Renewable Energy ENEXD strategy is to create long-term relationships with partners looking for support in developing their projects. Read More We provide market-leading support We provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency.

Oil and Gas

Products and services span across procurement, drilling & engineering

Commodity Trading

Which include mining and metal commodity sectors

Renewable Energy

Create long-term relationships with partners

Consulting Services

Infrastructure for public and private investors and General Consulting

Golden years we’ve passed!

Who are we ?

Committed to serve and operate with the utmost integrity and focus on safety & environment

Over the years, the company has formed its coordinating and business development offices in China, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Senegal, Singapore, Mauritius, and Bahrain. The company is also spreading its wings by expanding operations in Turkmenistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Zambia, DRC, Tanzania, Poland, Greece, Indonesia, Singapore, and Italy with a strong supply chain to meet the regional requirements for drilling operations, equipment, and spare parts.

Oil and Gas Services

The fields on which we give services

Freeze Services

Used to place a temporary barrier (ice plug) in a tubular or vessel

Hot Tap Services

Hot Tap Service allows tapping or drilling entry ports into tubular goods, pipelines or flowlines.

Drilling Services

ENEXD group is able to drill wells of various types and categories and offer directional

Gate Valve Services

To drill out gate valves or plug valves that have malfunctioned

Cementing Services

To drill out gate valves or plug valves that have malfunctioned

Hydraulic Workover Services

Over 50 years of collective experience in this field, combined with
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Strategic Posture

Our Governance

In congruence with the regional development plans, ENEXD is committed to contribute to the industry’s upstream sector through its acquired strategic knowledge and expertise within the spheres of exploration, development, and production.

Through strict ethical and legal codes of conducts, this organization strives to evolve into a regional leading enterprise in the onshore and offshore drilling operations and its related services.

In doing so, ENEXD, aims to develop a competitive portfolio through strategic alliances to deliver, in forms of value creation, to its stakeholders. In realization of this vision, we had formulated the strategies to;

  • Exploit the full potential of capacity
  • Capitalize on core values, and
  • Ultimately, to evolve as a leading enterprise in this region.
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