Metal Commodity

Energy Exploration and Development Co. Ltd. (ENEXD)

ENEXD activities along the sourcing non-ferrous and ferrous metals and we have physical presence throughout the world provide detailed insights into the nature of the marketplace locally, regionally, and globally with a special focus on Africa (DRC, Zambia, South Africa and trading the commodities throughout the world through our international network. Headquartered in Switzerland with a strong operational presence in UAE. We leverage our experience, platforms, and networks to source, transport, process, and market a range of metals and metals concentrates including copper, Cobalt, lead, zinc, nickel, and other metals and minerals. We act as a bridge to connect players within the industry.

Our technical team supports with their expertise and capability to identify and capture trading opportunities and enhances our business profitability. Wherever we operate we establish long-term partnerships based on transparency and mutual respect. We aim to share expertise, provide training, and build local capabilities so that our trading and investments deliver benefits to the people, communities, and businesses we partner with and serve.

We are creating a powerful connection through our worldwide network to move physical commodities from places of abundance to places where they are most needed. Our exposure spreads over 6 continents and 50 countries, connecting you to vital partners in any part of the world. ENEXD offers a full spectrum of trading services for Miners, Refiners, Smelters and Commodity End Users globally. We connect you to the key strategic partners in the world with customized risk management.

We have grown to be one of the trusted names in the metal market for supplying a wide range of metal products. With extensive ground knowledge and relationship with suppliers, Yards, and Offices in various parts of the world, We are able to continuously supply premium quality products. We have created a niche in the trading industry within a couple of years of our establishment and have meet client expectations in terms of our quality.

ENEXD offers a wide range of products in metals and we supply our customers with the best product quality and competitive prices.

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